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Here, the transient response was characterized with a parallel-plate ionization chamber, PEM devices, and PM. Apart from the low detection limit, the benefits of MSSM over full scan mode are its short acquisition time and the absence of calibration. The new scan mode is also much faster than the conventional SIM acquisition. However, unlike the calibration-free SIM, its use in SIM for PAHs requires careful consideration of the fitting function. At low concentrations, the exponential decay in Eq. (2) and Gaussian spatial response in Eq. (3) are the best fitting functions for MSSM. At high concentrations, however, the linear decay in Eq. (4) is a better fitting function. The fitting functions should thus be selected based on the concentration range. One big benefit of using the parallel plate ionization chamber, PEM devices, and PM is that the effects of temperature and humidity can be conveniently studied and the signal can be calibrated without the need for calibration samples. With the new MSSM, the instrument response of the DESI system is characterized with a low concentration of DMSO. The simultaneous measurement of PAHs, molecular ions and background ions, such as [C12]+, [C12H25]+, [C12H25]+, [C12H25]+, [C12H25]3+, and [C12H25]4+, has enabled the quick detection of PAHs with low background signals, even in the presence of molecular ions such as [C12H25]+. Also, the short acquisition time of MSSM minimizes the effects of degradation and dilution, which are inevitable in real samples. A separate set of experiments was carried out to determine the limit of detection (LOD) of SIM using the conventional SIM acquisition method. It is critical to determine the LOD of SIM to quantify actual PAH concentrations in real samples. However, the LOD of full scan mode acquisition of SIM is not a practical measure for comparison, because the calibration standard is not maintained during real measurements. Although the LOD of MSSM using the proposed fitting function in Eq. (4) is a good approximation of that of SIM, the LOD of SIM in Eq. (4) could be lower than that of MSSM in Eq. (4) because of the interference of the molecular ions [C12H25]+. The parallel plate ionization chamber, PEM devices,




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Pah Network Scan Engine.rar
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