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Corona Virus Lockdown Fisher Stevens Live Streams Neil Diamond on Facebook

As we continue to live with coronavirus, the reality of social distancing and self-isolation, people are coming up with creative ways to cope. It’s obviously been disappointing for many fans to have concerts from their favorite artists canceled or postponed, but you know who else is stuck at home? Your favorite artists, and Fisher Stevens is ready to entertain

"I couldn't go out to the venues to perform so I invested in refurbishing my studio with going live on social media in mind, I am so pleased to say that my first live session was a great success! Not without the normal nerves however, in fact I am more nervous than I normally am before a live show at a theatre.

"Being in a room on your own with just a camera is a very surreal experience, one that I am getting used to. There is so much technology in my studio I am always nervous that something will go wrong, mainly because I am the only one who can do something about it should the worst happen. I no longer have the safety net of the crew to call upon. I performed my third show last night and it is getting more familiar, the fans comments are what makes it all worthwhile, it's getting so that I want to do it more and more.

So yes, you may be sitting alone in your home in coronavirus self-isolation—but that doesn’t mean you can’t go to a show"

If you missed the latest show here is the link for you to enjoy

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