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Welcome to the Orchestral Edition of the A Beautiful Noise Show

On June 30th at the Southampton Mayflower, the A Beautiful Noise Show raised the bar by performing with their Orchestra, string players, brass players and percussion were added, and some great new songs from the beautiful repertoire of Mr Neil Diamond.

Fisher Stevens said, "The hairs on my arms stood up, and the atmosphere was tremendous. I enjoyed every second, performing with such great talent, twenty amazing musicians on stage performing the music of Neil Diamond. It was incredible, and I can not wait to do it again.”

Our new MD, Steve Hession, put the orchestra together using people he had worked with worldwide; he arranged the new songs, which accompanied the existing production perfectly.

The next show with the Orchestral Edition is this Saturday in Norfolk. Then we have a tour planned for 2024

We hope to see you all there next year!


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