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Private Party in Norfolk a huge success!

It all started with a phone call on August 2022

"The UK's biggest Neil Diamond fan wants you, Fisher Stevens, as his entertainment next July.

Can you recreate a Neil Diamond concert on the grounds of his home in Norfolk?"

What followed was many months of meetings, discussions and agreements.

Brand new sheet music had to be scored to accommodate the planned 20-piece band and singers.

A lighting plan was designed with every song in mind and installed for this one-night spectacular.

A stage to fit everyone was designed and built to accommodate the musicians, singers and lighting.

When July 2023 came around, and we all stood there before the evening's events took place, there was nervous anticipation and excitement in the air. The venue looked stunning, fit for a show of this magnitude.

Check out this small preview of the opening number! More footage of this fantastic show to follow

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the A Beautiful Noise Show, the Orchestral Edition!


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